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Brilliant Bunclody - My first ODE on Romeo


Last week I did my first ODE on Romeo in Bunclody. I was nervous because he is only back in competition training and I wasn’t sure how he would go. We worked hard training with Mum all week. On Saturday I spent ages cleaning my tack to make sure Romeo (The Big Bossman) looked his best. Then Mom and I washed Romeo and plaited him. He was all tucked up in bed by 9pm. I was excited and nervous so I didn’t sleep great. On Sunday I got up early to check Romeo was okay and give him his breakfast. He knew he was going off for the day.

I was on at 9.48am so we were up at 6.30am. After our breakfast we put on Romeos tail bandage and loaded him up with Halo and Marsie and off Daddy went through the gate. On the way I went over my dressage test 3 times to make sure I knew it. As we got nearer to Bunclody I got really excited. I love riding there. Last year I came 3rd on Zazoo there so I had lovely memories.

Finally it was time to get up on him and warm him up. He was in great form. I did our usual warm up to get him ready for this test. Then they called me up. I was in after Jordan. The judge was very nice. Our test didn’t go totally according to plan but it was only our first day together. I was so happy after when I got our score, because we got 29.

Next up was jumping so we had to get him ready for that. Romeo was super, we got a clear round. I was so relieved. Mom didn’t tell me but I was lying 5th then. I had some time to meet my friends then from other pony clubs. I had to wait until my sisters cross country was over for my turn to go. It was a long wait. At last it was time to get into my cross country gear and get onboard. I did my warm up. I was a bit worried about the water jump as it was tight to the next fence. But I didn’t have to worry at all, Romeo rode like the wind. I love this feeling because it’s like I have wings.

Afterwards I found out that I had moved into 4th place. I had stiff competition with Jordan coming 5th. It was a great day for Laois as Christine Worrell came 1st in her arena too. I had a super day with all my friends from Carlow pony club at Bunclody.