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More Minimus Moments...


On Saturday the 25th of April I went to the minimus day at Kilquilky house. I had to wake up at 6.30 AM to make sure I was on time, having gotten all my swimming, running & riding gear the previous night. It was a bitterly cold day. My friend Johns mum, Deborah, brought me and my pony up with them. It took two hours to get to Kilquilky & it was around 9.30 when we parked & were ready to walk the XC course, for the first part of the competition.

The course builders had done a new take on the course by putting the first five fences in a sand arena & making six a drop out into the field. It took a while to walk the course & afterwards John & I met our friend Paddy who was competing too. We were all going out after each other. In the XC I went clear & was very proud of Bobbi. Soon after I changed to my running gear & three of us did our warm up stretches. I ran 1k in 3mins 52seconds which is a new best. I was very tired afterwards & was glad that I had a long wait before the swimming. John, Paddy & I were brought to Costas for smoothies & then we walked down to Mallow swimming pool. We were in heat 16 & I was in lane 2. I swam 4 lengths 12 metres in two minutes which is a new best by one metre.

When the results came out I was thirteenth out of 59 girls, I was so proud. I am really looking forward to next Saturday when the Laois minimus day is on & a big thanks to Debrah & Marguerite for cheering us on and looking after us throughout the day.



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