Summer Show Jumping League


The LHPC Showjumping League will be run under SJI rules for three nights with the Final at camp – Members are advised to familiarise themselves with the SJI rules,  in order to avoid possible breaches and consequently losing points.


Ring 1 Junior Members

  • Younger members may compete in all the following classes if desired.
                           - x-poles, 40cm, 50cm & 60cm

  • Double clears for x-poles, 40cm, 50cm & 60cm on two of the league nights to qualify for the final.

  • No timings taken.

  • ALL clear rounds will receive a rosette.

Ring 2 – Senior members

  • 70cm, 80cm, 90cm & 1 mtr.

D+ Test = 70 cm or 80 Cm – Alice Mernagh

C Test = 90cm – Robbie Bailey
1 mtr. – John Ledingham

  • Double clear round = 2 points on all League nights

  • Double points for double clear at the final = 4 points

  • All scores are cumulative i.e., you attend all three league events and have a double clear each evening you will have 6 points heading into the final.

  • Any faults / refusals = 0 points.

  • All rounds timed ( to be jumped within the allotted time allowed).  

  • There will only be a jump off on the final day for those who may end up on equal points – the clock will then decide the winner.

  • Please note: Members may choose to compete in a lower class – but this will not be counted towards the Final – it will be classed as “out of competition “.  The 1 mtr class will be jumped first, then 90 cm and so on.

  • A League Table will be maintained.


League Table:
       Riders Name: ________
       Horse Pony: _________
       League Date: __________
       Final Score: ____________


DISQUALIFICATION The Official Steward may disqualify a competitor at any stage of the competition:
a) For dangerous riding
b) For if in his/her opinion the horse is lame, sick, or exhausted.
c) For misuse of whip or spurs or any ill-treatment of the horse
d) For any breach of the Rules.


Please note that one fall eliminates the rider from that round and that rider must be passed fit before competing in any subsequent rounds.
Fall in Practice Arena - competitor must be checked before continuing.