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Laois  Showjumping League 2019

The Rules....


  • The parent of the child jumping must make the entry, for two reasons:

  • So that they are aware of, and fully understand the rules of the League, & team selection process, eliminating the need for arguments at a later date.

  • So that all parents who have kids jumping can be asked by the person taking the entries to help for a little bit at the show, (doing the pocket or picking up poles etc)

  • Riders may jump in two competitions but after 2 weeks must nominate which height category they wish to have their scores count towards. They may continue to jump in the other class but for experience only.

  • Alternatively they may jump twice in the same class on the same pony, but the first score is the one that must be used for the league.

  • If a rider has two ponies throughout the league the points will be awarded to the pony/rider combination, not just the rider.

  • If a rider is competing on two ponies, one of which is competing in a bigger class, they may jump in, but may not nominate for the Junior League, which is there to encourage the Junior Children.

  • To be eligible for selection for a Robbie Bailey or John Ledingham team, a rider must compete in at least one leg of the league (We would request that all interested in teams attend as much of the league as possible and ideally to include the final).

  • For the 80cm class, any rider can participate but in order to compete at this height, you must never have competed in Robbie Bailey and you must be Under 14 on 1st Jan.

  • For the 90cm class, riders must be under 14 on 1st Jan. Anyone can compete at this height but if over age, then you must compete H/C and points will not be awarded. 

  • The best four scores throughout the league are counted when deciding the league title. In the event of a tie on League Points at this stage, the higher placed rider in the final, of those tied for first in the league, will be deemed the winner.

  • The Junior Competition will be jumped over two rounds not against the clock.

  • The other three competitions will be jumped as follows:


If the rider has a clear first round, they will leave the arena and return at the end of the Competition’s first round for a jump off against the clock.


If the rider faults in the first round, they will stay in the arena and continue straight on over a shortened course eg 1-6 or 3-8 (whichever is more time efficient)

In the event of a rider falling or being eliminated, it will be at the discretion of the committee members in charge whether it is safe or time efficient to continue with a second round. (We are there to encourage but we must be conscious of the rally time. As such, we will perhaps lower the problem fence and allow them to jump it before they leave to let them finish on a positive note.)


Awarding of League Points....


Junior Competition:

Participation but no clear round: 1 point

1 Round Clear & 1 round with Faults: 2 points

Double Clear: 5 points

Double Clears in the final may jump against the clock to decide the winner of the final & the winner of the league if necessary.


Other three competitions:

Participation but no Clear: 1 point

Faults in first round but clear second: 2 points

Placings from the Jump off:

1st 10 points

2nd 8 points

3rd 7 points

4th 6 points

5th 5 points

6th 4 points

Any first round clears that aren’t in the top six places will get 3 points.

Again if there is a tie for first place in the league, the highest placed of the tied riders in the final will be deemed the winner. 

- Show Jumping Classic -

The Show Jumping Classic is a really wonderful competition that usually takes place in September. Whereas the Robbie Bailey and John Ledingham competitions are Team based, the Classics are for Individuals only.


There are qualifying competitions around the country throughout the summer. You can qualify at any of these competitions - so if you dont get through at our show, then you can go to another and try your luck again. The top 6 placings at each qualifier go through to the Classic Final.


The prizes are worth the effort.The overall winner of the top class 1mtr 20 Classic will be awarded a training bursary at the Army Equitation School.  


Classic Starter

  • Aged 12+

  • Must have C Test

  • Height 1mtr


Classic Finder

  • Aged 12+

  • Must have C Test

  • Height 1mtr10



  • Aged 12+

  • Must have C Test

  • Height 1mtr20

- Robbie Bailey & John Ledingham -

Area 2 Qualifier for John Ledingham, Robbie Bailey, u 12's & Classic will take place in Coilog  July 17th. Teams of 4. 


Usually Top 3 teams from our area go forward to compete at IPC Festival. This years Festival takes place in Barnadown EC  25th - 27th July 2019.


Robbie Bailey

Team of 4. Must be of C standard and aged 12 and Under 14 on January 1st. Height is 90cm. ** You cannot have your C+ test to compete in Robbie Bailey **


John Ledingham

Team of 4. Must have C test and aged 12+. Height is 1mtr.

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