Laois Pony Camp Week - July 5th to July 9th 2021


We have been given the go-ahead to plan for our Laois Pony Camp for 2021.

There are expression of interest forms now available for booking online.


How do I book my place?


Once we get the go ahead for our Camp, details will be issued out to all members.

You will be able to book your place online through our website. 


What time does it start at?

Be tacked up and ready to go at 9:30 every morning, If you are doing Mini Camp be tacked up and ready to go at 11am.


What time does it end at?

Usually about 4:30pm but some instructors have been known to only return with their groups at 5pm! Mini Camp finishes at 3pm.


What do I need to bring?

  • Your pony!

  • Bridle

  • Saddle / Girth / Numnah

  • Water & Bucket

  • Hay Nets for Lunch Time

  • Full Grooming Kit 

  • Saddle Soap & Sponge

  • Back Protector

  • Helmet (must be a skull helmet for cross country)

  • Whip (if used)

  • Gloves (if used)

  • Wet Gear

  • Sunscreen (hopefully!)

  • A Mug for Soup

  • A Note Book and Pen for Stable Management

  • Spare set of riding clothes (in case of bad weather or tumbles in the river!)

  • A Smile.....:)

What do I wear?

  • You should be neatly turned out and wear your "Blue"... Please wear your Laois Pony Club Rugby Shirt / Sweatshirt or Polo Shirt or alternatively wear a white shirt and pony club tie.  No hoodies allowed for riding.

Important Information for Parents

  • Your child will be grouped with a group of children that it is felt by the DC's are the best fit based on experience, ability, age and test levels.

  • Inevitably there will be some cases where there is a mixed ability within groups. This is very difficult to prevent. However we will aim to have reasonably small groups so that the instructor will be able to adapt lessons to suit all within the group. So please be patient.

  • A parent should stay on site for the duration of camp. However if this is not possible, please delegate another adult to take responsibility for your child. Please add these details on your camp booking form in the Notes section.

  • Please do not interrupt lessons or coach from the sideline as this is distracting for the instructor.

  • If an accident happens, please allow the instructors to deal with it - they are all first aid trained and will be able to deal with any situation that arises.

  • There are some jobs that are required every day and we need parents to help with this

    • The morning biscuit and drink run to the groups - each parent is asked to take a turn for their childs group.

    • Buttering the baskets full of fresh rolls in the morning for the childrens soup

    • Help in the kitchen with preperations for lunch / giving out soup to the kids

    • Washing Up after lunch

    • We also need a volunteer to ensure that the toilets are kept clean through the week.

    • Please try to contribute to the instructors lunch menus on one day  - eg a salad / quiche / dessert. Contact the Catering Team and they will advise what day to bring yours.

    • Bernie Murphy (086 3902181) is your contact regarding the above jobs. Please get in touch with them so they can prepare rotas. 

    • We also need another "Bernie" - we are down one person in the kitchen this year. If you think you could help here please get in touch with either of the Bernies as soon as possible.

  • Mammies & Daddies... we love having you stay at camp to witness the great fun but we do ask you to please sacrifice some part of the week to help us prepare for our club's biggest fundraiser of the year - jobs range from strimming around jumps, painting fences, course building & numbering, putting up dressage arenas & show jumping arenas and roping off.

  • There will be an end of camp celebration on Friday afternoon. All children should dress in their "show" gear or in LHPC pony club gear with pony club tie.

  • Most of all Enjoy Camp




DC: Warren Schofield

Assistant DC: Sarah Phelan