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Laois Pony Camp Week - July 3rd  to July 7th


Camp this year will take place on Monday July 3rd to Friday July 7th.


How do I book my place?

All bookings for camp are now closed.

Getting in to Stradbally Hall each day

Please use the back entrance.  Gate will be remain open for a period of time each morning to allow everyone to gain access.  Please be on time as it helps pony and rider to settle down in advance of starting.  Being late disrupts the group and other members.


What time does it start at?

Monday morning please arrive at 9am and be tacked up and ready to go for 9.30am.

Members will meet their Instructor and join their Group

Parents please stay back for Meeting at 10am.


All other mornings please be tacked up and ready to go at 9:30am.

MINI Camp is 11am to 3pm - Monday to Thursday and same finish as all other groups on Friday.

What time does it end at?

Usually about 4pm but some instructors have been known to only return with their groups at 4.30pm! 

Friday we will have a presentation, and will finish at approx 3pm.


What do I need to bring?

  • Your pony/horse!

  • Bridle

  • Saddle / Girth / Numnah

  • Water & Bucket

  • Hay Nets for Lunch Time

  • Full Grooming Kit 

  • Saddle Soap & Sponge

  • Back Protector

  • Helmet (must be a skull helmet for cross country)

  • Whip (if used)

  • Gloves (if used)

  • Wet Gear - rain coat and waterproof bottoms

  • Sun-cream (hopefully!)

  • Your own lunch and a water bottle with your child's name on it for the morning drinks run

  • A Note Book and Pen for Stable Management

  • Spare set of riding clothes (in case of bad weather or tumbles in the river!)

  • A Smile.....:-)

  • White tape & pigtails for making a small corale or pen off the back of your box/lorry for ponies/horses when kids are not riding



  • If you have requested a stable, you should have been notified to let you know if this is confirmed.  If not, please contact Sharon.

  • Ponies can be stabled from Sunday night if that suits people, please let Sharon know if you want to do this.

  • Straw and Hay will be provided.

  • Bring own feed if necessary.

  • You will need to muck out and clean the stables after use.

  • If you have 2 ponies being stabled and you are comfortable with them being stabled together, please let us know.

  • Payment for the week is €50 per week and should be paid to Sharon on Monday morning.

What do I wear?

  • You should be neatly turned out and wear your "Blue Colours"... Please wear your Laois Pony Club Rugby Shirt / Sweatshirt/Half-Zip or Polo Shirt.

  • There will be an end of camp celebration on Friday afternoon. All children should dress in their "show" gear or in LHPC pony club gear with pony club tie.

  • No hoodies allowed for riding.

Important Information for Parents

  • Your child will be grouped with a group of children that it is felt by the DC are the best fit based on experience, ability, age and test levels.

  • Inevitably there will be some cases where there is a mixed ability within groups. This is very difficult to prevent. However we will aim to have reasonably small groups so that the instructor will be able to adapt lessons to suit all within the group. So please be patient.

  • Older members are welcome to shadow the Instructors for the first 2 days also.  They are there to learn so please respect them also.

  • A parent should stay on site for the duration of camp. However if this is not possible, please delegate another adult to take responsibility for your child. Please let a committee member know if this is the case for any of the days.

  • Please do not interrupt lessons or coach from the sideline as this is distracting for the instructor.

  • If an accident happens, please allow the instructors to deal with it - they are all first aid trained and will be able to deal with any situation that arises.

  • If you have a question throughout Camp week please do ask a Committee Member and they will be more than happy to help you.

  • There are some jobs that are required every day and we need parents to help with this.

    • Our One Day Event takes place on Sunday 10th July so we will be asking parents to help during the week:

    • Painting, strimming, clearing off our SJ Trailer etc.

    • Building Dressage Arenas and moving jumps in SJ Arena.

  • Other jobs include:​

    • The morning drink run to the groups - each parent is asked to take a turn for their childs group.

  • Younger members, who are eligible will do D and D+ Exams on Friday, a committee member will talk to parents about this early in the week.​

  • Please remember to respect the premises of the Cosby Family and remember to pick up your rubbish every day.

  • Last year we had a BBQ on the Thursday evening, this year we have decided to invite a catering van onsite so people can order and purchase their own food.

  • There will be NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING onsite this year.

  • Most of all Enjoy Camp



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